During all our conversations with the community, particularly at the Enquiry by Design, it has been immediately clear that transport and travel is a priority, with existing issues on local roads unresolved for years.


Our proposals will not just deal with the traffic from Hook Park but will seek to address local rat running and traffic hotspots which have plagued the area for many years, while vastly improving opportunities to travel by public transport, bike and foot.

Our emerging area wide plans will:

  • Bring bus routes directly into the site, stopping in local streets and improving access for the local community as well
  • Create a genuine walkable neighbourhood where walking and cycling is at the heart of all local travel
  • Introduce a ‘mini-Holland scheme’ for the area, meaning a local network of attractive and safe pedestrian and bike routes that extend within and beyond the site
  • Facilitate access to the site without impacting local roads, and improving access to the A3 southbound to:
    • Reduce the need for queuing at Tolworth Roundabout to access the A3
    • Reduce rat running to access Tolworth and the A3
    • Address rat running in and around Clayton Road
    • Provide electric vehicle charging points
    • Keep construction traffic off local roads from day one, with direct access from the Kinston bypass

    Sustainable travel

    We’re developing proposals to improve sustainable travel with new walking and cycle routes and improved bus routes in and around the site. Extended bus routes with stops for existing residents will travel through the site and back out to link to Hook Road (A243) and routes to other destinations. Existing high frequency bus routes along Hook Road will remain, ensuring those vital local services are unaffected.

    Our plans introduce the principles of Healthy Streets and reflect the “mini-Holland” cycle safety and improvement measures introduced elsewhere in the borough. These form part of a wider plan to encourage sustainable, healthy lifestyles by making it the easiest and quickest option with easy access to bike storage and remote car parking.

    Residents will have access to car clubs for when they do need to travel off site or by car.

    Road Improvements

    There has not been any significant investment in local roads for a generation and that has resulted in long traffic jams, tailbacks and frustration. We are working with Transport for London, Kingston Council, Surrey County Council and Highways England to deliver access to the A3 southbound from Hook, a plan which would serve the new residents and also reduce the existing rat-running through Clayton Road and many other nearby residential roads.

    We are also working with stakeholders to make improvements to Hook Road and Hook Roundabout that would maintain existing journey times whilst making significant improvements to the overall streetscape, providing better pedestrian crossing points, constructing dedicated cycle lanes and planting trees. 

    We will continue to develop our transport and connectivity strategy through further Enquiry by Design sessions with the community.

    Construction Traffic

    During our Enquiry by Design sessions the local community told us that ensuring minimal disturbance during any construction work was important. So, during the construction of Hook Park, all construction traffic will access the site from the Kingston bypass which will leave local roads free of construction traffic.