Parks and sports

Despite being an outer London Borough, Kingston suffers from a severe shortage of public parks and commons with only 14% of the borough available as public green space, compared to 41% in neighbouring Richmond. Only seven other London boroughs offer less green space, all of which are in central London.

Hook Park will transform that situation locally with the first new park in Kingston Borough for more than 20 years – the largest in London since the Olympic Park. (check). Poppymill will gift the parkland to residents through the creation of a Community Land Trust, and ask the Council to designate it as Local Green Space – a new designation which is much more appropriate than Green Belt for land like this. This will guarantee the new park is protected in perpetuity.

At 20-acres the new park is four times the size of King Edward’s Recreation Ground, on land to which the public currently has no legal access. The new park will be connected to the existing community via a series of walking and cycling friendly routes. One link will connect it with King Edward’s Recreation Ground. When the two parks are combined, they will provide a green space of similar size to Alexander Recreation Ground and St George’s Recreation Ground combined.

Working with the local community through our Enquiry by Design process, we will establish the recreational and sporting needs of the community to ensure that Hook Park reflects the right character of spaces and sports facilities as well as the upgrading of existing facilities in the local area.