The site as it is today

The proposed site is despoiled by unauthorised development.

The truth is that before the A3 was built there was logic in the Create Hook Park land being included in a broad sweep of Green Belt. Since the road was built the site is no longer part of the countryside and has since been despoiled.

The land has never been accessible to the public and construction of the A3 destroyed links to the open countryside. The land between the existing built up area and the new road should have been properly used and carefully developed at the time the A3 was built, but it wasn’t. Instead fringe uses, unauthorised and anti-social, crept in to fill the vacuum and proliferated. 

Creating Hook Park will eliminate the unauthorised and antisocial uses and properly plan the area to benefit the community for the first time.

Our proposal will involve a new park of almost 20 acres permanently protected as designated local green space: a recently introduced planning designation focused on permanently protecting green spaces that is really useful to communities. In addition the land will be gifted to a community land trust with funding to manage it forever in the interest of the local community.

Artist’s impression of the proposed new park and homes