Who are Poppymill?

Poppymill is a company set up specifically to bring forward the proposals to Create Hook Park. It brings together the people who conceived and developed the highly regarded Sherford new settlement in rural Devon, and who have been heavily involved with the Prince’s Foundation’s pioneering place-making work at Nansledan in Cornwall and elsewhere. 

Poppymill is philosophically committed both to the highest standards of architecture and design, and to planning being led by local communities.

Its Directors are dismayed at the trend towards high-rise development crammed onto unsuitable sites, destroying valued local townspaces while delivering cramped housing with minimal open space. The recently refused development at Tolworth Tower exemplifies this, and there are other equally undesirable schemes emerging in Kingston town centre and elsewhere.

Poppymill believes there is a much better alternative: “gentle density”, as championed by the influential Building Better, Building Beautiful commission which reported to the Government in 2019.

This means re-discovering and updating the traditional London mansion block: human-scaled buildings, no more than 6-8 storeys high, just a handful of flats per floor, with gardens integrated with good quality architecture in traditional materials. Mansion blocks have stood the test of time in London and deserve to be re-established as the way to achieve the high specification, low impact homes we need for tomorrow.

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An artist’s impression of the proposed new park and homes: